Thursday, October 17, 2013

Surprised Pumkin,Phantom Coral

Hey jammers! Dashpaw here today :) So we have 2 new items in the Jamaa Market.And these 2 things are Surprised Pumkin and Phantom Coral. And just a little DID YOU KNOW for every jammer out there you can get a phantom statue in Phantom Portal. And also, a new page will be created on the blog! And just one final thing left we all wanna say  THANKS! WE JUST OPENED THE BLOG ABOUT 5 DAYS AGO AND ALREADY GOT LIKE 85 VIEWS! And if your wondering the new page will be here by Saturday between 4:35-5:00pm Oh and look what I got in the adventure base camp today! A RARE DIAMOND TIARA! i traded it for rare bat wings though i didnt get a chance to get any so :/

New contest,More about cheetahs

What's up guys? Burningpaw here so today we have a new contest coming up. Below is the basic information:

Name:Jammer Snaps- Spooky Dens
Due: Sunday, October 27th 2013
Description/Directions:  Whether it’s your den, your buddy’s den, or another Jammer’s den, simply take a screenshot of the spookiest den you come across in Jamaa. Remember, dens are not only meant for decorating and showing off, they’re also meant for parties, so the more Jammers in the spooky den the better! Be sure to have fun with it: maybe your animals can dress up in spooky costumes and dance or play. Don’t forget about your emotes and chat bubbles!   (good luck jammers!)

Jammer Snaps 

Now, some jammers were e-mailed me and asked: "Can you tell me where i can get cheetahs?" They were a non-member but i told them anyway.  :) You get buy cheetahs at the Diamond store the location is right across from the Arcade and next to Club Geoz. And it's exactly 10 diamonds :)

Well thats all we have for today!
Bye guys!

Dens,Rare Item Monday,and Really Awesome Art!

Whats up jammers! Today's Top Den Award goes to Mythical Arcticwolf for having an awesome den!

 There is also, a new item for Rare Item Monday.
The rare pumpkin mask for members!
Get it today at your local Jamaa Clothing Store!


Rare Pumpkin Head

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Epic Den of The Week,Pet Bats, Great Art

Hey guys! Burningpaw here. Sorry for the late posting! So lets start off with Epic Den Of The Week. Congrats Mighty SpiritCloud!
Mighty Spiritcloud 

Pet bats are back! and cost 400 Gems in the pet store.
Lots of jammers have reported that they have saw them in 
the "Spooky Party."


OMG when i saw this art i was like this person must be an ADULT-ARTIST!
It was a drawing of a phantom. They also made it look so real by adding
shading and smudged some of the sections! Maybe these can be new techniques for other jammers!

Princess Prettyviolet 

Well, that's all today! Dont forget any questions at all send me a jam-a gram in Animaljam or A email im ^^ thanks guys!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hey Animal Jam Bouncers! :D

Hey animal jam bouncers! im glad to announce that im your blogger epictombboy! im not a member though used to. Im in the lava clan. And if your wondering our mascot is Bounce she's a nice,caring,adventure-like,and awesome bunny!
 Now, we might have some other bloggers coming along the way. You can also Friend me on animal jam :) im epictombboy ^.^ My blogging with begin on October 12th 2013 :) And im trying to do everything i can to get news from animal jam to you :)