Thursday, October 17, 2013

New contest,More about cheetahs

What's up guys? Burningpaw here so today we have a new contest coming up. Below is the basic information:

Name:Jammer Snaps- Spooky Dens
Due: Sunday, October 27th 2013
Description/Directions:  Whether it’s your den, your buddy’s den, or another Jammer’s den, simply take a screenshot of the spookiest den you come across in Jamaa. Remember, dens are not only meant for decorating and showing off, they’re also meant for parties, so the more Jammers in the spooky den the better! Be sure to have fun with it: maybe your animals can dress up in spooky costumes and dance or play. Don’t forget about your emotes and chat bubbles!   (good luck jammers!)

Jammer Snaps 

Now, some jammers were e-mailed me and asked: "Can you tell me where i can get cheetahs?" They were a non-member but i told them anyway.  :) You get buy cheetahs at the Diamond store the location is right across from the Arcade and next to Club Geoz. And it's exactly 10 diamonds :)

Well thats all we have for today!
Bye guys!

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