Daily Century

Hey Jammers! Heres the Daily Century with Dashpaw!

Hey jammers Dashpaw here ^^. So today the latest,newest,and coolest animals today are CHEETAHS! They're zipping and flying EVERYWHERE today!If your curious We have 1 cheetah picture! :)
This is our good friend Ariesnight's cheetah! 

Hey jammers! Today's best and newest party in Jamaa Is "The haunted house party"

Clothing Items:
Last rare Monday everyone including the members got cool RARE bat wings! Perfect for Halloween! Also, dont forget to check out pumpkin masks!

Den Items: 
Den items are spooky pumpkins.Great for scaring jammers away! (just kidding XD) 

Top Century:
Omg! Hey guys, Dawnpaw here! Dashpaw's sister. Anyway guess what i found out from Darknight yesterday! HOW TO GET FREE BETAS IN THE ADVENTURE BASE CAMP! If you wanna learn how to do the "Top Centuries Page"  

                        ~ Thats all guys for the Daily Century check back later thnxs! ~       

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