Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Epic Den of The Week,Pet Bats, Great Art

Hey guys! Burningpaw here. Sorry for the late posting! So lets start off with Epic Den Of The Week. Congrats Mighty SpiritCloud!
Mighty Spiritcloud 

Pet bats are back! and cost 400 Gems in the pet store.
Lots of jammers have reported that they have saw them in 
the "Spooky Party."


OMG when i saw this art i was like this person must be an ADULT-ARTIST!
It was a drawing of a phantom. They also made it look so real by adding
shading and smudged some of the sections! Maybe these can be new techniques for other jammers!

Princess Prettyviolet 

Well, that's all today! Dont forget any questions at all send me a jam-a gram in Animaljam or A email im ^^ thanks guys!


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