Thursday, October 17, 2013

Surprised Pumkin,Phantom Coral

Hey jammers! Dashpaw here today :) So we have 2 new items in the Jamaa Market.And these 2 things are Surprised Pumkin and Phantom Coral. And just a little DID YOU KNOW for every jammer out there you can get a phantom statue in Phantom Portal. And also, a new page will be created on the blog! And just one final thing left we all wanna say  THANKS! WE JUST OPENED THE BLOG ABOUT 5 DAYS AGO AND ALREADY GOT LIKE 85 VIEWS! And if your wondering the new page will be here by Saturday between 4:35-5:00pm Oh and look what I got in the adventure base camp today! A RARE DIAMOND TIARA! i traded it for rare bat wings though i didnt get a chance to get any so :/

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